Specific objective
1.1 Improve the framework conditions for innovation in the Alpine Space
  • Community integration and common identity
  • Cultural heritage
  • Rural and peripheral development
Date of submission
28 April 2017
Last update
17 May 2017
Main objectives
• Establishing balanced models on resource management and protection of cultural and natural heritage. • Valorise traditional skills and jobs, value chains and local products based on cultural and/or natural resources. • Developing and promoting new approaches to sustainable tourism, throughout four seasons and consideration of local cultural and natural heritage, as an opportunity for revitalising peripheral and declining areas.
Description of activities
The 20th century has used the national state as a privileged observation point of societies. The identity of citizens, cultural and expressive forms including memorial ones. Actually, the boundaries of the nation state seem to be destined to decline. The hypothesis concerns the possibility of detecting some cultural and memorial forms which. An interesting field of research could be the industrials districts of the Alpine valleys in Italy (Valdagno or Seriana valley) and French Alsace pre-Alpine valleys (Vallée des Vosges). These are territorial segments characterized by to the economic sector of textile in crisis for at least thirty years. Perhaps it is no coincidence that these areas also share a similar political sentiment linked to anti-European movements.
Envisaged outcomes
1. Study and analysis of economic and productive dynamics during the twentieth century of some postindustrial districts of the alpine valleys. 2. Description of the main memory-building processes in target regions and construction of a general model called "an Alpine Regional Memory Profile"; 3. Longitudinal study of the processes of rethinking and repositioning the development models of target regions in the post-industrial context; 4. Definition and promotion of some lines of action around a development model that could bring together the target regions;
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  • France
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
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  • Local public authority
  • Regional public authority
  • Higher education and research
  • Enterprise
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