Specific objective
1.1 Improve the framework conditions for innovation in the Alpine Space
  • Clustering and economic cooperation
  • Innovation capacity and awareness- raising
  • New products and services
  • Tourism
  • Transport and mobility
  • Water management
  • Waterways, lakes and rivers
Date of submission
01 June 2017
Last update
08 June 2017
Main objectives
Alpine lakes are spaces with high economic, tourist, environmental and human stakes less exploited and synergized than the mountain environment in the Alps. The objective of this proposal is therefore to change views and practice on alpine lakes taking into account the global impacts they represent and could represent for territories, regions and Europe. The action declined proposes both to identify all the resources and potential innovations of these spaces in terms of sports and recreational practices, mobility / displacement, construction / repair of boats, Development of ports and lake areas, tourism, training and employment. Finally, we aim to support the emergence of a transnational sector / cluster around Alpine nautical sports diversifying the economic base of these regions
Description of activities
We plan to work on: Identify locally all actors revolving around the nautical sector and all sports practices related to this environment; O Produce an inventory of the specificities / assets and potential of each lake according to common indicators of development and innovation; O Develop / maintain nautical know-how in valleys and lake areas; O Structuring the actors to define a roadmap of themes on which a common and transnational response could be envisaged; O Increase the mobility of goods and people by proposing a supranational framework to amplify these spaces as facilitators of mobility.
Envisaged outcomes
- Propose the creation of an "Alpine Lake Recreation and Nautical Economy" cluster (ALP'RANE), a knowledge, dialogue and representation center for actors linked to boating; -Work on the definition of a charter / label for nautical destinations on the basis of inter-mass agreements for ski areas; - To stimulate reflection on the development of waterlab in the partner territories to allow a training / specialization path for economic actors according to the specificities of each lake area; - Accompanying companies in the implementation of a sustainable and shared management of the nautical ecosystem by uses and practices; - Set up and develop digital tools related to this sector such as boatsharing.
Partners found
Partners wanted in the following countries
  • Austria
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Liechtenstein
  • Slovenia
  • Switzerland
Partners wanted from the following institutions
  • Local public authority
  • Regional public authority
  • Sectoral agency
  • Infrastructure and (public) service provider
  • Interest groups including NGOs
  • Education/training centre and school
  • Enterprise
  • SME
  • Business support organisation
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