CESBA Alps - CESBA Alpine Space – Sustainable territories

CESBA Alps, has started its activities in December 2015 (project website here). The project aims to improve the sustainability of the Alpine built environment through the development of an assessment tool (contextualised to regional specificities) at territorial scale.

Etienne Vienot (left on the photo) from Rhônalpénergie Environnement​, and Markus Berchtold-Domig (right on the photo) from the Association of Common European Sustainable Built Environment Assessment have been interviewed by our staff at the AlpWeek market place. 

Interreg Alpine Space: What were your expectations when applying for a stand at the AlpWeek market place? 
Markus Berchtold-Domig & Etienne Vienot: We decided to join the AlpWeek for the networking opportunity that this event could give, to promote the project CESBA Alps and raise awareness on our work. Furthermore, we wanted to learn more about, and consider possible future cooperation with other projects working on the same topics in the Alps.

Interreg Alpine Space: What was, in your opinion, and from the project point of view, particularly interesting during the AlpWeek? 
Markus Berchtold-Domig & Etienne Vienot: The different formats of  the workshop e.g. the "Model the Alps!" session, where we were asked to represent some concepts with our hands and clay were one of the most interesting aspects of the AlpWeek. Another highlight was the market place, where we had the opportunity and the time to exchange ideas with people, and to network.

Interreg Alpine Space: What do your bring back home from the AlpWeek? What concrete inputs for the CESBA Alps project did you gain this week? 
Markus Berchtold-Domig & Etienne Vienot: A collection of different hot topics for the development of CESBA Alps activities, especially from the answers collected among people visiting our stand, who were asked: “according to you, what is the most important sustainability issue for an Alpine Space territory?".