Saignelégier is situated in the heart of the Swiss regional Nature Park Doubs and served as the venue of all PEACE_Alps partner organizations on May 3 and 4, 2017. Beside the reports on the progress made within the project, the focus was on exchange and discussion among the eleven Alpine Space partners in order to share their rich experience and expertise.

A special focus was on the already ongoing implementation of centralized coordinated energy actions. Partners reported that bundling of measures for several municipalities was well received in the regions. For instance, the measures for the implementation of an energy monitoring of public buildings, energy management for different municipalities (energy alliance), and mutual actions for sustainable refurbishments of buildings could be launched successfully.

However, project partners acknowledged a lack in information and awareness for activities concerning adaptation to climate change. Especially local authorities have to be enabled to address and link mitigation and adaptation measures. A positive example is the region of the Rhône Alps (France). There, in-depth studies have already been conducted how climate change affects ecology, energy and economy, and recommendations have been presented on how to adapt to these changes.

The next milestone within PEACE_Alps will be the start of a joint exchange and replication of the project’s approach to other Alpine areas, which is foreseen for the end of this year. Therefore an open call will be launched in the months to come, where organizations interested in joining the PEACE_Alps project as central coordinator for their region can apply.

As practised during former project meetings, the second day was dedicated to a workshop on mutual learning techniques. The chosen topic was implementation of greenhouse gas mitigation and adaptation measures and provided valuable input to all project partners for their ongoing commitment.