It was in hot, sunny Toulon, that the CoNSENSo partners got together from 27th to 29th June for a midterm review of the project with many management and technical meetings. The meeting was held at the sametime at as the "Journées Var Europe"  organised by the French CoNSENSo partner, the Departement VAR, in the buildings of the University of Toulon, which gave some added visibility to the project.

The partners were also joined by many of the Family and Community Nurses from the different project pilot zones which provided the partners with real information from the field.

The first day was dedicated to project management with a steering committee and then overview presentations of the pilot work in each zone on the model testing, and on the project communication. The second day started with more in depth presentations of the methodologies and organisation of the different pilots regions with the nurse coordinators, and nurses. Workshops were equally organised with different participants in order to go deeper into certain areas, such as a specific workshop of social business models and the sustainability of the model for the expert and local authority partners, a dedicated workshop on the APP used by and with the nurses, and individual interviews with nurse coodinators concerning the methodology and the evaluation process. The final day's meeting commenced with a discussion on the evaluation control panel, and was followed by the validation of project management documents and a financial management meeting.

The participants also had the opportunity to come together in the evening to continue discussions and profit from the final rays of the sun on the Toulon "Rade". These 3 days were very beneficial for all, nurses could discuss and compare their experiences, and partners have left with a long list of tasks to be able to successfully launch the second-half of the project from September 2017.