Ecosystem services - A cultural path to change paradigms

A cycle of 3 appointments (training + laboratory) to learn and share concepts and notions related to the "key" theme of ecosystem services for the territory of the test region, their "value" and their evaluation. All these themes will discuss with the participants of the actions in terms of change in planning tools, policies and behaviors.

> organized by AlpES project partner Regione Piemonte – Environmental, Territorial Government and Protection Directorate – Strategic Planning and Green Economy Sector  (Maria Quarta and Paola Mussinatto)


Lab 1: Involving the territory and sharing the concept

2017 September 28 | 10 - 16

A morning of training and classroom debate on the concept of ecosystem services explained in some pitches by European and Italian recognized experts, representatives of partner regions of the AlpES project and presented, in its most specific aspects, by stakeholders of the test region with experiences on these themes.

After the lunch break, the afternoon session will be set up as a workshop where participants in a working table will be involved in a series of practical exercises and debates to create a map and first analysis on the ecosystem services chosen for the test region, comparing characteristics and peculiarities of these but also difference of administrative approachs between the reality involved in the lab.

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Lab 2: Recognizing economic value for ecosystem services

2017 October 19 | 10 - 16

At the second training session, experts, technicians and actors of the area with significant experiences, will involve participants in an in-depth lesson on the "economic value" of ecosystem services. After the lunch break, the laboratory phase will see the working table devoted to a guided discussion of which concrete actions to be taken in the field to efficiently transfer what they learned.

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Lab 3: Plan with ecosystem services

2017 November 23 | 10 - 16

Once mapped, analyzed and evaluated, ecosystem services can enter the over-territorial planning tools. On this theme will be the panel of training pitches for the last working day. After the lunch break during the workshop, participants will be involved in a discussion to set up a map of actions and tools needed to introduce the concept of ecosystem services into oversized planning tools.

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Maria Quarta and Francesca La Greca