In the beginning of September, the European Parliament’s Environment Committee adopted a forward-looking opinion on the revision of the Energy Efficiency Directive, considerably improving the European Commission’s proposal, said the WWF European Policy Office.

The Environment Committee MEPs included a 40% binding energy efficiency target for 2030, while the Commission had proposed 30%.

They also removed some of the ‘loopholes’ which undermined the annual energy savings obligation (Article 7 of the directive) - for example, the fact that energy used by transport was excluded from the calculation of the annual 1.5% energy savings goal, explained the WWF European Policy Office in a press release.

ʺIt’s a bright day for energy efficiency. The Environment Committee has lived up to its name - its proposed 40% target would further reduce greenhouse gas emissions, moving us towards our Paris climate goals. Moreover, better energy efficiency is good for people’s health, wallets, and the economy,ʺ commented Arianna Vitali, Senior Policy Officer for energy conservation at the WWF European Policy Office.

Vitali added that MEPs on the Industry and Energy Committee (ITRE) ʺmust follow the strong lead given today when they vote on their report in Novemberʺ.

The ITRE will vote and adopt its report on 27-28 November. The final report then goes to a plenary vote before the full European Parliament.


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