Carbon which is stored in the soil is essential for life on earth. It is not only crucial for plant growth but carbon also plays an important role in the nitrogen, phosphorus and water holding capacity of the soil. An increased percentage of carbon is thus improving soil productivity and is thus vital for us humans. At the same time an increase of soil carbon by only 4‰ per year could stop the increase of carbon in the atmosphere and thus have a positive influence on our climate. To succeed, policy measures need to encourage farming practices which improve the soil carbon and reduce deforestation.

To achieve this, there are three important aims:

  • Combat land degradation
  • Participate in goal of food security
  • Adapt agriculture to climate changes

As the amount of carbon a soil can store is finite this is not a green card for us to produce an endless amount of CO2 emissions but might buy us a little more time till our society is ready for environmental friendly innovations.

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