Never before was the accumulation of new polar ice lower than in winter 2017/18. Since ice belongs to the crucial factors influencing the climate system, this is alarming news underpinning the significance of the topic “climate change”. As a part of the Alpine Space Project PEACE_Alps, two district administrations (Unterallgäu and Landsberg am Lech) focused on the subject and discussed necessary adaptation measures in Landsberg on the 11th of June 2018.

Most departments of the administration were participating in this milestone event in order to find out where exactly they will be affected in the future and what information they need in order to prepare practical adaptation measures.

Picture left to right: Rainer Mahl (Wirtschaftsförderung und Kreisentwicklung Landsberg), Andrea Ruprecht (Fachstelle Klimaschutz Unterallgäu), Dr. Hans-Jörg Barth (eza!), Vera Gebhardt (IMK), Prof. Dr. Harald Kunstmann (KIT)

As a result of the discussion it became clear: only transparent and easy to understand information can be the basis of further practical action. “We don’t need scientific theory but rather practical projects and actions which can have wide effects on a local and regional scale”, states Andrea Ruprecht, climate change manager of the district of Unterallgäu; adding that these actions are to be developed as soon as possible. The district administration could coordinate the measures for the municipalities in order to facilitate the implementation, thus offering a valuable support especially to small local authorities. Most stakeholders are confident that this might be a way to trigger some major actions soon.