A cross-disciplinary, transnational and participative approach to Alpine food cultural heritage

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December 2017

Fri 01

Forum Origine, Diversité et Territoires hosts AlpFoodway

How to plan sustainable agricultural development, how to communicate and distribute mountain products effectively, how to promote food heritage for the benefit of local communities and how can all this be an asset for tourism? In Bulle, AlpFoodway will participate in the debate about these issues and will preset its own activities.

Bulle, Switzerland
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Sat 02

Food from the Alps - a debate and the experience of Lo Pan Ner transregional event

Meet AlpFoodway in Cerveno (BS -Italy). Elena Turetti, Renata Meazza and Cassiano Luminati will present the project and talk about the importance to keep Alpine food culture alive. Later, you can get a chance to taste delicious traditional dishes at the travelling dinner in some of the oldest houses in town.

Cerveno (BS), Italy
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Mon 11

Botìro di malga di Primiero (butter from Primiero), an expression of Alpine food heritage

One of the first AlpFoodway case studies, that of Botiro di malga di Primiero, has become the subject of a documentary. Come, see its preview, learn more about the project and participate in the discussion about how Alpine food culture can be turned into an asset for local communities.

Tonadico (TN), Italy
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