A cross-disciplinary, transnational and participative approach to Alpine food cultural heritage

Pilot Areas

  • Pilot case Parc Regional Des Bauges: Food alpine days - traditions in dialogue 
  • Pilot case in Valle Camonica: traditional food production plots and practices 
  • Pilot case in Glentleiten (Upper Bavaria): reinventing and promotion of handicrafts traditions 
  • Pilot case in cross-border nature park Nagel­fluhkette: traditional mountain cheese hiking trails 
  • Pilot case Pfaffenwinkel: Connecting Food Heritage and Tourism
  • Pilot case Valle d’Aosta: developing a model to join tourism and food heritage actors 
  • Pilot case in Valposchiavo & Valle Camonica: vocational training module “innovative communication”
  • Pilot case in Trentino: development and testing of a format for “Food and Landscape Laboratory”
  • Pilot case in Valais: AlpFoodway App 
  • Pilot case in Upper Sava Valley: promoting fair local food and traditional cuisine