Alpine Smart Transport and Urbanism Strategies


Spatial planning and mountain Department (FR)

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Spatial planning Department (AT)

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Studio ISPACE (AT)

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Spatial planning and digital Department (FR)

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Chair of urban structure and transport planning (DE)

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Piemont Delegation (IT)

Contact point: Pietro MIGNONE -

Conceptual design (DE)

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Urban planning Department (DE)

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  • Regional Planning Association Graz (AT).
  • Land Salzburg, department for housing and spatial planning (AT).
  • Regional Association Pongau (AT).
  • Alpine Convention (AT).
  • Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (AT).
  • Salzburger transport association (AT).
  • Bavarian State Office of the Environment, Multidisciplinary Tasks (DE).
  • District Government of Upper Bavaria, Section of Regional Policy (DE).
  • Planning Association of the Greater Munich Area (DE).
  • Municipality of Haar (DE).
  • Municipality of Neubiberg (DE).
  • Munich Metropolitan Region (DE).
  • County of Ebersberg (DE).
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI (DE).
  • County of Fürstenfeldbruck (District Office of Fürstenfeldbruck) (DE).
  • County of Starnberg (District Office of Starnberg) (DE).
  • County of Munich (District Office of Munich) (DE).
  • Stockholm County Council, Growth and regional planning administration (SE).
  • Derek Halden Consultancy Ltd. (DHC) (UK).
  • Association of local authorities of Saint Marcellin (FR).
  • Association of local authorities in Sud Grésivaudan (FR).
  • Association of local authorities of French Genevois (FR).
  • Association of local authorities of Bas Chablais (FR).
  • Association of local authorities of Coeur de Savoie (FR).
  • Association of local authorities of Bourne à l'Isère (FR).
  • Association of local authorities of Collines du Léman (FR).
  • Association of local authorities of Vinay Chambaran (FR).
  • City council of Saint Marcellin (FR).
  • Metropole Savoie (FR).
  • Association of local authorities of French Genevois (Metropolitan Pole of the French Genevois) (FR).
  • Agglomeration of the Grand Annecy (FR).
  • Metropole of Grenoble-Alps Metropole (FR).
  • Departmental Council of Haute-Savoie (FR).
  • Departmental Council of Savoie (FR).
  • Natural regional park of Massif des Bauges (FR).
  • Ecomobility agency (FR).
  • Rhônalpenergie-Environnement (FR).
  • CIPRA France (FR).
  • Grenoble region urbanism agency (FR).
  • State’s Public Works National School (FR).
  • Rhone-Alps Center of Studies and Ressources regarding Land Use (FR).
  • Departmental Authority of Savoie Territory (FR).
  • Departmental Authority of Haute Savoie Territory (FR).
  • Departmental Authority of Isère Territory (FR).
  • National Research Institute of Sciences and Technology for Environment and Agriculture, Grenoble Centre, ‘Mountain Territories Development’ Research Unit (Irstea, UR DTM) (FR).
  • Urban planning agency of Saint-Etienne (FR).
  • Urban and regional planning community (CEAT) Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (CH).
  • Urbanism Agency of Besançon (FR).
  • Geographic research laboratory ThéMA – Joint Research Unit 6049 Scientific Research National Center – University of Franche-Comté (FR).
  • Urbanism Agency of Belfort Territory (FR).
  • Energy Cities (FR).
  • Pays Lédonien (FR).
  • Association of local authorities in Pays Horloger for a balanced development of territories (FR).
  • Veneto Region (IT).
  • Dolomites UNESCO Foundation (IT).
  • Dolomiti Bus Ltd (IT).
  • Union of Municipalities Langa Astigiana (IT).
  • Piedmont Region Transport department (IT).
  • Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, Directorate for Spatial planning, construction and housing (SI).
  • Ministry of Infrastructure of the Republic of Slovenia (SI).
  • The City Municipality of Novo mesto (SI).
  • Municipality of Škofja Loka (SI).