Boosting Innovation in Factory of the Future Value Chain in the Alps

Manufacturing sector map

The aim of this deliverable is to design the transnational map of the manufacturing sector in the Alps comparing and contrasting the maps obtained at country level along the main FoF issues and the levels of manufacturing value chain. Starting from the activities performed in the previous tasks, the work first analysis and compares in Section 1 the national initiatives for the implementation of the Factory of the Future in the Alpine Space (AS) developed by the five countries involved, namely Italy, France, Germany, Austria and Slovenia. Comparisons have been performed in terms of objectives, targets, funding schemes and first achieved results highlighting peculiarities and commonalities of the different approaches and measures undertaken. For what concerns the regional level, on the basis of the Smart Specialization Strategies defined by the different regions and analysed in D.T.1.1.1 - FoF Manufacturing Framework, the different specialisation areas identified by the regions have been mapped. In a further step, manufacturing priorities and related most relevant enabling technologies defined for each area have been then matched and compared according to marcoareas in order to offer a transnational view of manufacturing research themes and related peculiarities along the AS. Moreover, a transnational perspective is also provided for what concerns FoF practices along the manufacturing supply chain: specific issue related to the four main domains analysed in the survey performed are presented comparing results from different countries and highlighting singularities. This document represents output O.T1.2 " Manufacturing sector map at transnational level". The comparisons provided in the report enables to identify and highlight commonalities which can be further exploited through integration and cross-fertilization opportunities properly addressed and supported by regional and national actions and policies.