Cross-Sectoral Alliances for Smart Living

T1 - KNOW! sets the knowledge foundations of CARE4TECH leading to a central output - an AS Knowledge Atlas.

It offers the opportunity to map, classify, visualize & structure cross sectoral connections among tech leaders, solutions, innovation & business development approaches in the field of smart living technologies and creates preconditions for thematic technology Alliances. T1 - KNOW! also implements a clear AS Knowledge atlas -  knowledge transfer / learning strategy as well as a project-wide impact controlling approach.


DT1.1.1. - Define a joint Knowledge Mapping Methodology and related Tools

The CARE4TECH team defined a common working methodology to identify and classify tech leaders, solutions, innovation & business development approaches as well as state of the art of human centered implementation strategies in the field of smart living.

The methodology aims on the one hand to directly gather information and needs in the field and on the other hand set-up a first CARE4TECH associated partner network.

The information will directly match to a visual tool developed in CARE4TECH and lead to the so-called “AS Knowledge Atlas on Smart Living Excellence", which will be implemented till 07/2017 and represent the information on the area of Smart Living in the AS in a multidimensional presentation.

D.T1.1.1. -  CARE4TECH Knowledge Mapping & Classification Methodology on Smart Living Excellences 

D.T1.3.2 -   CARE4TECH Landscape of potential Leading Alliances on Smart Living: AS Knowledge Atlas Relation Management Tool

D.T1.4.2 -  Report - AS Knowledge Atlas Learning & Mentoring


Posters and Rollup

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