Carbon Smart Communities

Newly CaSCo guide published: "Contracts Incorporating Low Carbon Timber"

The recently published guide "Contracts Incorporating Low Carbon Timber" aims to support local authorities to include wood from short supply chains into their public tenders. The document explains every stage of the process and offers:

  • Recommendations regarding main challenges to include carbon from short supply chains at each stage of the  renovation or construction project
  • Tips for writing your documents and tenders
  • Explainations how to use of the CaSCo's toolkit at various stages


Contracts Incorporating Low Carbon Timber_Recommendations and Key Stages.pdf

Work report: Low Carbon Timber Policies in Europe

This report aims to make a link between low carbon policies and wood policies at European, national and regional level. The European Union developed the concept of Green Public Procurement (GPP) to support the use of environmental products and services in public procurement. How do public authorities use GPP? Which are the possibilities to improve GPP at municipal level? How can public authorities use GPP criteria to get low timber products? This document will try to answer these q

Low Carbon Timber  Policies in Europe.pdf