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Sustainable building assessment commission in the Alps, EnvirobatBDM

EnvirobatBDM will have its next sustainable building assessment commission in the Alps! The event will take place in Tallard the 17th of May. Everyone is welcome to attend it (event in french).

The BDM approach is an assessment protocol based on a Participatory Guarantee System (PGS), which is based on peer reviews that help to design assessment frameworks made by building professionals themselves. In EnvirobatBDM, such frameworks are implemented during those commissions (public meetings) in order to evaluate new or refubishment projects, at every stage of the operations process (design, realisation and operation). Moerover, every assessement provides feedbacks that benefit to all the professionals of the building sector.  And of course, such feedbacks make the framework progress, what feeds the quality vituous circle!

Sign up right here!

Tallard, France
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