Sustainable Territories


  • Public project review of sustainable buildings, AURA-EE

    In Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, the Communuauté de Communes of Monts du Lyonnais, one of the two pilot projects in Cesba Alps, organizes a public project review of sustainable buildings. Public project review consists in an exchange between sustainable construction professionals and citizens, with three presentations of buidlings, to improve the quality of buildings.  An old farm renovated with eco-materials, a house dating from 80s renovated at passive level and the new built police station reaching Nearly Zero Energy Level will be presented and discussed on 14/12/2017 in Saint Symphorien Sur Coise. A visit of the police station will follow, ending with a friendly "apéritif". AURA-EE supports the organization of this event. rdp_parc_eco-aura-ee.pdf

  • CESBA Local Committees (CLC) Activity Report

    CESBA Local Committees (CLCs) are at the centre of local/regional works in the CESBA Alps project.

    The members of the CESBA local committees are the important stakeholders for the territory in the sustainability field.

    Every partner is flexible in the definition of its CLC, and can invite whatever organizations, from the moment they have an interest for activities and background to feed the local reflections about the choice of indicators. The form of the committee is flexible, depending on the local priorities. Read more about the work done in the CESBA Local Committees…

  • Support for energy monitoring in municipalities in Vorarlberg

    How much electricity do the public buildings consume? Which energy source supplies each single household? Such questions are crucial when municipalities want to monitor their progress towards energy self-sufficiency. The foundations for a standardised energy monitoring system for municipalities and regions in Vorarlberg are currently being laid in the framework of CESBA Alps.

    The federal state of Vorarlberg wants to become energy self-sufficient by 2050. This cannot be reached without efforts from the 96 municipalities. For monitoring their progress on energy saving, municipalities and regions need reliable data. Soon they might get these from a centralised energy database. A prototype is currently being developed within CESBA Alps and tested in the five municipalities of the Leiblachtal pilot region.

  • Bilateral meetings between project experts and different regional directorates in Veneto

    After an initial desk analysis of European, national and regional legislation and strategies, between end of November and beginning of December, the external experts supporting Veneto Regions for the implementation of the CESBA Alps project, are meeting with the different regional offices involved in territory planning and/or monitoring at any level (Agro-environment, VAS-VINCA/NUVV/VIA, Soil protection, Energy, …). These bilateral meetings, together with the input collected during the first two meetings of the CLC, will allow to formulate a first proposal for the customization of CESBA KPI for Veneto area.

  • The Piedmont Region participate to the European Week of Cities and Regions

    During the workshop "What role for EUSALP'S regions and Cities as change agents for the future?" that will be held in Brussels on the 11th of October in the framework of the European Week of Cities and Regions, the Piedmont Region will present three INTERREG Alpine Space projects - CESBA Alps, PEACE_Alps and the4Bees - coordinated by Piedmont Region and CSI Piemonte. The projects are all focused on sustainable energy using different but complementary approaches.