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The DesAlps Virtual Training Centre is a platform that will provide training contents and activities on regular basis to support both the operators and SMEs for DT-oriented activities at local and Alpine level.  Training contents will be developed during the project and will assist both to learn about DT methods and to use DT tools. The e-learning feature will be the basis for the permanent accessibility of training materials on DT for intermediaries. The platform will be improved with further features to encourage networking (DT blog, space for request information or a meeting with an expert), sharing news and events (as per each single partner areas) also on a EU level.

DesAlps Virtual Training Center

Design Thinking Labs

DT Labs are permanent hotspots where SMEs, intermediaries  and interested people will find free of charge DT information, activities and materials. DT Labs main mission is to carry out  DT oriented activities on a regular basis on PPs venues, in cooperation with regional partners and other DesAlps partners, and in synergy with the already existing services on business support innovation and technology transfer addressed to SMEs. DT Labs will be connected within the Alpine network and coordinated and supported by the DesAlps Virtual Training Centre. News on activities and specific information will be shared in the Virtual Training Centre thanks to all partners’ updates. DT Labs and Virtual Training Centre will act as network of experts and intermediaries that want to increase their knowledge on DT and entering a place where to exchange ideas and DT competences. 

Project: DesAlps - Design Thinking for a smart innovation ecosystem in AS

The D.T1.4.1 deliverable is a report that will underline the identification of the framework conditions to strengthen DT diffusion. It will allow to work on the future development of the toolset and the overall DesAlps strategy focusing on Intermediaries and SMEs' role. Read more