Lead Partner: Environment Agency Austria (EAA)

The Environment Agency Austria is the national expert authority of the federal government in Austria for environmental protection and policies. EAA provides constant policy and expert support to the development, implementation and advancement of the Austrian National Adaptation Strategy (vulnerability assessments, strategy drafting, coordinating the national participation process, monitoring & evaluation, policy revision). It supports provincial governments in regional adaptation strategy processes and provides expertise to local authorities, the industry and service sector, and international organisations. EAA represents Austria in the EU Adaptation Steering Group and has lead the project for developing the EU Adaptation Strategy.

Website: www.umweltbundesamt.at

Project Partner: Austrian Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism (BMNT)

BMNT is the central government body in Austria with core competencies regarding all key quality-of-life issues. BMNT is policy owner of the Austrian Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan and responsible for coordinating its implementation horizontally on federal level and in vertical terms between the Federation, the Länder and the municipalities. Regarding both mitigation and climate adaptation, BMNT represents Austria in all relevant international, EU and transnational bodies and processes, including under the UNFCCC, the EU Climate Change Committee, the Alpine Convention and EUSALP. BMNT is co-leader of EUSALP Action Group 8 on risk management, major natural risks prevention and better management of climate Change.

Website: www.bmnt.gv.at

Project Partner: German Federal Environment Agency

German Federal Environment Agency is the central environmental authority in Germany. Its unit KomPass further develops the German Strategy for Climate Change Adaptation (approved by the federal government in 2008) and promotes its implementation. For that purpose, KomPass pools and imparts expertise on climate impacts, vulnerability, adaptation options, participation, monitoring and evaluation. KomPass gives policy advice to the Federal Inter-ministerial Working Group Adaptation Strategy and the sub-national States Standing Committee for Adaptation. Further target groups are authorities, scientists, industrial and environmental associations, and citizens. KomPass also collaborates with international institutions like EEA, OECD and IPCC.

Website: www.umweltbundesamt.de

Project Partner: Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)

FOEN is responsible for the implementation of the national climate legislation. The Climate Reporting and Adaptation Section coordinates the implementation of the national climate change adaptation strategy in horizontal terms on Federal level as well as in vertical terms between Federation, Cantons and municipalities. Multilevel governance and sectoral mainstreaming of adaptation are therefore core tasks of the section.

Project Partner: Lombardy Foundation for the Environment (FLA)

FLA is a no-profit Foundation established by the Lombardy Region. It belongs to the region’s “Enlarged Institutional
Administration System” and is to be considered a sectoral agency according to regional law. FLA acts as technical body responsible for technical contents of legislation and administrative regulations of Lombardy Region and as scientific advisor for policy development in the environment and climate change field. FLA has developed Lombardy’s Regional Adaptation Strategy and was directly involved in elaborating the Italian Adaptation Strategy. FLA owns the mandate to act as Project Partner on behalf of Lombardy Region and is endorsed by the Italian Ministry (IMELS) to represent the national policy making level in the project.

18 Observers from 6 countries

  • Slovenian Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning
  • French Ministry of Environment, Energy and the Sea
  • Principality of Liechtenstein, Office of Environment
  • Office of the Provincial Government Upper Austria, Directorate of Environment and Water Management, Department of Environmental Protection
  • Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management Directorate III/5 - Torrent and Avalanche Control (TAC
  • Italian Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea (IMELS)
  • Provincial Government of Carinthia, Department 8 - Environment, Water and Nature Protection
  • City of Kempten
  • Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection, Div. 76: Climate Policy, Climate Research
  • Austrian Association of Municipalities
  • Lombardy Region
  • Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention
  • Austrian Association of Cities and Towns
  • Office of the Provincial Government of Styria, Spec. Department Energy and Housing
  • Office of the Provincial Government of Tyrol, Department of Environment, Spatial Planning and Transport, Climate Protection Coordination
  • Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection, Div. 25: Alp. Space Networks, Europ. Macroregional Strategies and Funding
  • Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection, Div. 56: Water Management in Rural Areas, Water Ecology, Torrents
  • CIPRA International