Near-surface Geothermal Resources in the Territory of the Alpine Space

WP6 is sharing Interviews he realized with NSGE stakeholders:

Please note that opinions expressed in the following documents are those of the interviewees and do not necessarily represent the views of GRETA’s stakeholders or project members. 

Interview 1 - Dr. Maurizio Saggese, Italy

Geothermal sector in Aosta Valley and a geothermal plant case in historic centres protected by Cultural Heritage

Name: Maurizio Saggese
Age: 60 years old
Education: Civil Engineer; Turin University
Activity: Freelance Engineer
Lives in Aosta Valley, Italy
Experience in this sector: near 35 years
Geographical working area: mainly Aosta Valley, Italy.

Interview 2 - Dr. Umberto Puppini, Italy

Dr. Puppini is a freelance geologist dealing with thermogeology since the very first Italian projects in the 80s. He has also been a coordinator of the Geothermal Committee of the Italian Geologists Council

Name: Umberto Puppini
Age: 62 years old
Education: degree in Geology, University of Milan
Activity: Freelance Geologist
Lives in Milan, Italy
Experience in this sector: near 35 years
Geographical working area: Italy.

Interview 3 - Thomas Popp, Germany

The way to manage the expansion of near-surface energy field

Name: Thomas Popp
Activity: Head of sales department: Fischer Spezialbaustoffe GmbH
Works in Heilbronn, Germany
Experience in this sector: nearly 10 years
Geographical working area: mainly Germany, but also international.

Interview  4 - Dr. Picou, France

Thermogeology in medium and high mountain environment and in remote areas

Name: Nicolas Picou
Age: 41
Education: Agronomist Engineer
Activity: Energy expert for Parc Naturel Régional du Massif des Bauges and other French institutions
Lives in France
Experience in this sector: 15 years
Geographical working area: Southern France

Interview 5 - Dr. Wieslaw Kozdrój, Poland

Thermogeology in Poland and other countries of Central Europe

Name: Wiesław Kozdrój
Age: 56
Education: PhD in Earth Sciences
Activity: Researcher in the Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute
Lives in Wrocław, Poland
Experience in the thermogeology sector: 5 years
Geographical working area: Poland

Interview 6 - Dr. Norbert Dorfinger

The management of thermogeology in an area with high-density installations

Name: Norbert Dorfinger
Education: Engineer in energy planning (Ing.); University Master in Environmental System Sciences/Physics (Mag.)
Activity: Product Manager
Lives in Austria
Experience in this sector: 10 years
Geographical working area: Austria