Near-surface Geothermal Resources in the Territory of the Alpine Space

News Overview – GRETA

  • Knowledge exchange workshop on legal requirements, procedures and policies

    The EU-Interreg projects GeoPLASMA-CE & GRETA organize a joint workshop focused on “Legal requirements, procedures and policies on shallow geothermal use in Central Europe and the Alpine region”. It will take place on 08 November 2017, in Salzburg.


    Sharing and valorizing the first project outcomes and co-built the next steps will be the aims of this conference.

    The GRETA project aims to demonstrate the potential of Near-surface Geothermal Energy (NSGE) in the alpine space and to share knowledge to encourage the integration of this technology into future energy plans. The objective is to contribute to the energetic transition by valorizing this renewable energy which is sometimes forgotten and adapt it to the specific stakes of the Alpine area.

    The 12 project partners and observers will gather on the invitation of GBA (Geological Survey of Austria) in Salzburg on Tuesday 7th November.

  • Knowledge exchange workshop on the integration of shallow geothermal energy in local energy planning

    On the 12th of September the Interreg projects GeoPLASMA-CE, GRETA and PEACE_Alps gathered during the German Geothermal Congress. They addressed the role of shallow geothermal energy (heating, cooling and seasonal heat storage) in present and future energy planning strategies for local communities and city quarters.

  • Technical and environmental constraints that affect the use of geothermal near surface energy in the alpine space

    Are you interested in the technical and environmental constraints that affect the use of geothermal near surface energy in the alpine space? Ground temperature, thermal conductivity, aquifer transmissivity? Do you look for estimations of various building thermal loads throughout the Alpine Space? Discover the influence of the key parameters on the efficiency of Heat Pumps connected to Borehole heat exchanger fields or open loop in the latest GRETA catalogue: “Catalogue of operational criteria and constraints for shallow geothermal systems in the Alpine environment”.

  • Promoting Geothermal Energy

    In the last issue of the Gand Paradis National Park review, “Voici del Parco”, Pietro Capodaglio, from ARPA VdA, published an article to promote the geothermal energy.