Alpine Rivers are working for Us

The study site

The Adige, third Italian river in terms of catchment area (12100 km2) has been strongly and extensively artificialized, especially after the end of the 19th century. Long stretches are completely straightened and channelized and its previous diversified morphology has been to a large extent loss. Moreover, it is impacted by several other pressures, including strong hydropeaking, especially upstream Bolzano. In order to mitigate these impacts, in the last decade the Province of Bolzano and the Province of Trento have implemented local morphological diversification/habitat enhancement measures. However, in order to support the upscaling and transfer of these restoration interventions, a comprehensive assessment of their effectiveness and sustainability is needed. Physical, biological and ES monitoring and evaluations will be carried out in different sites, in particular between Merano and Bolzano and downstream the confluence with the Noce river, following the approach developed in HyMoCARES.

More info on the monitoring activities will be available soon.