Caring for Soils - Where Our Roots Grow.


  • Soils for food security and climate – the 4‰ initiative

    An increase of soil carbon by only 4‰ per year could stop the increase of carbon in the atmosphere!

  • 5th December: Invitation to the Kaufering Symposium on the International Day of Soils

    The first year of Links4Soils has passed. On the International Day of Soils (5th December 2017) the results of 15 years in the pilot project on climate change adaption and vitalisation of forest in Kaufering will be presented and discussed.

  • First Alpine Soil Partnership Workshop

    In November 2017 the project partners will host a workshop in Innsbruck for partners, observers and stakeholders on the mandate and framework of the Alpine Soil Partnership.

  • People4Soil: The European Citizens' Initiative calls for a European law on the protection of soils.

  • Sustainable Adaption of Forests and Soils - A Praxis Report of the Municipality Kaufering

    The practice days in Kaufering were organised by the project partner of Links4Soils, Municipality of Kaufering. In two days the importance of forest and soil adaption for a sustainable development in the face of climate change was discussed, shown and felt.