Green infrastructure to share better living

Local pilots Munich

The City of Munich is working together with three intermunicipal associations to enhance the realisation of diverse green spaces in and around the city.

Local pilots Grenoble

Grenoble-Alpes Métropole is developing landscape guidelines, organising workshops on urban landscape regulations and introducing innovative management approaches in the recreational peri-urban park “Les Vouillants”.

Local pilots Vienna

Together with stakeholders, the City of Vienna and the neighbouring municipality of Gerasdorf are developing a landscape plan and a plan of action to strengthen the mulitfunctionality of the landscape, including new possibilities for recreation.

Local pilots Salzburg

The Salzburg Institute for Regional Planning and Housing is activating the “Open Space Fund” to facilitate regional compensation measures in the greenbelt and other areas surrounding the City of Salzburg.

Local pilots Trento

The City of Trento is acting to change the perception of peri-urban green spaces and abandoned areas as common assets. It is working for and with citizens through a series of 'exploration', 'cultivation' and 'dissemination' actions.

Local pilots Piemonte

The Piedmont Region is defining an ecosystem-based approach to the sustainable planning and management of green infrastructures in the Turin metropolitan area.

Local pilots Ljubljana

In cooperation with stakeholders, UIRS is endeavouring to address conflicts and synergies between recreation and nature protection in the Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park area, as well as to apply the green infrastructure concept at the subregional and municipal levels.