Green infrastructure for better living

The City of Munich collaborates with three associations for landscape and inter-municipal management. They presented their approach at the LOS_DAMA! kick-off event. A field trip to Fröttmaninger Heide showed the heathlands just north of the city and a former garbage heap, now an artificial hill for recreation and sheep breeding. The heathland association has been managing the area across municipal borders since 1990, with a focus on conservation and recreation. In Munich south-west, the City and the Regional Management will involve citizens in a “green treasure hunt”. Dachauer Moos association manages a mire landscape.


Cooperation with the Regionalmanagement München Südwest

Shortly before Christmas 2017, the City of Munich and the Regional Management Munich Southwest (RMMSW) invited local key interest groups from both nature conservation and recreation to an informal stroll along the river Würm. In march 2018 the RMMSW and the City of Munich held a workshop with the same participants to define basic components for a 'landscape treasure map'. This map aims to highlight the scenic qualities and invites locals to explore them. The Technical University of Munich and its students supported the workshop with creative inputs. The 'landscape treasure hunt' takes place from April to June 2018 using an online survey. The official opening was on 22nd April 2018 at a public market event in Gauting, Germany. Already more than 70 locals took the survey there! The RMMSW and the City of Munich attended another public market in Krailling on 13th May 2018. The final `treasure map´ will be published by the end of the year 2018.