Green infrastructure for better living

LOS_DAMA! - Landscape and Open Space Development in Alpine Metropolitan Areas

The globally attractive Alpine Space cities face common challenges through growing land use pressure. It strains vulnerable natural and cultural assets of peri-urban landscapes, calling for multifunctional solutions, and cross-sectorial as well as intermunicipal collaboration. LOS_DAMA! will unleash the potential of peri-urban green infrastructure for sustainable development by improving governance and planning. The project will boost the skilled use of advanced tools for negotiation, mediation, and action. For innovation and impact, LOS_DAMA! will bridge the implementation gap by employing co-creation and informal,  creative approaches like participative mapping and landscape stewardship. LOS_DAMA! will deliver feedback and implementation know-how to put EU/regional policies/strategies into effect. Alpine peri-urban landscapes share similar features. Only joint efforts create the powerful voice needed to raise awareness and initiate change for a balanced development and valorisation of these areas.