Municipalities join efforts for sustainable and concrete energy solutions


  • Implementing bilateral exchange activities

    In the framework of the PEACE_Alps project activities, the Piemonte Region has identified through a public call, two beneficiaries institutions, IRE Liguria (Regional Agency) and the Province of Trento, which will be involved in mutual learning activities and best practices exchanges.

  • PEACE_Alps calls for municipal participation at local climate change workshops.

    Within the course of the Oberallgäu climate conference in Immenstadt on 7th of March 2018 a wide range of private and municipal best practice examples regarding projects related to energy efficiency, climate change adaptation, renewable energies and sustainable resources consumption were presented.

  • Energy management and EPC for municipalities of Piemonte Region

    The Piemonte Region, in the framework of PEACE_Alps Alpine Space and STEPPING MED projects, with the support of Environment Park, organized a free workshop addressed to Municipalities and focused on energy management and Energy Performance Contracts (EPC). In order to support Municipalities in the activities of accounting and analysis of energy consumption of public utilities, buildings and street lighting, foreseen in the monitoring phase of SECAPs, the Piemonte Region has presented the software ENERCLOUD+, created by the Region itself in collaboration with CSI Piemonte.

  • Climate - Is my territory affected ?

    As part of the European programme PEACE_Alps, and with the collective support of "Climate, my territory, is it concerned?" of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region in autumn 2017, eight territories were guided by AURA-EE and AGEDEN during inter-territorial days combining theory, methodology and synthesis of studies on the themes of tourism and agriculture.

  • Sharing success stories at PEACE_Alps meeting in Weiz, Austria

    It was mid-term for the project PEACE_Alps „Municipalities join efforts for sustainable and concrete energy solutions“ – when partners met at the Innovation Center W.E.I.Z., Austria in November to share success stories and discuss next steps for the engagement campaign in Alpine Space area.