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Report on Mutual Learning Approaches (WP2 T1)

Inventory of mutual learning approaches and applied approaches by project partners in the region
Version 1.0,  31.05.2016
The document defines and describes different mutual learning approaches and applied approaches by the PP across the project region.

Mutual learning approaches and their application are excellent instruments for improving the implementation of local and regional authorities’ climate change and energy policies. They are based on the concept that people who work on similar issues and have similar roles and working backgrounds in their cities and regions can share experiences and learn from each other. These people can be regional, city and community experts, decision makers or localstakeholders.

Bottom-up Definition of Local Needs (WP3 / T2)

Main objective of the Work Package is to define local needs for technical support by using a bottom-up approach. The successful implementation of European-wide low carbon strategies significantly depends on the commitment of the stakeholders on local and regional level. Enabling bottom-up initiatives is a new governance approach to deliver a city wide low carbon strategy.

Tool about the PEACE_Alps Bottom-up Process

The project PEACE_Alps developed a structured process to support municipalities in achieving their CO2-reduction goals. The video aims at explaining to support local authorities and to spread the methodology created in the project.

PEACE_Alps Communication Strategy (WP C)

Report Communication Strategy
V1.0, 30.06.2016
This document defines and describes the communication strategy of the project.

The communication strategy (CS) will enhance the impact of the project, describing all management-, thematic- and result-related communication activities. The strategy is linked to the specific objectives of the project. Corresponding communication objectives were developed, target groups defined and concrete actions designed which will support the interaction between the communication actors and the target groups.

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PEACE_Alps Communication Reports

PEACE_Alps reports on proceedings of regional, national and international project dissemination events as well as of media and web activities are listed below. 

Reports on dissemination events, media and web activities in 2016