Enhancing capacities for a pluralistic Alpine Space


  • Governance and social networks for welcoming and integrating newcomers | REPORT

    How do municipalities and local actors in the Alpine region govern welcoming services? How formal and intense are cooperations? Which role does trust among the actors play?

  • Overview of social planning and welcoming projects | REPORT

    Many inspiring welcoming practices are found across the Alpine region. We examined 34 examples to filter the key issues and target groups they address.

  • Alpine Pluralism Award Winner: Les Belleville

    Have you ever experienced stress at work? Well, you can easily imagine that seasonal workers also do. A French project from Les Belleville tries to support the everyday life of ski resort workers, providing responses to psychosocial risks they may experience.

  • Video Contest in Val di Non or Val di Sole, Italy (en, it)

    As part of the PlurAlps project, it is possible to participate in the video contest #PlurAlps until 26 October 2018, presenting short amateur videos on the theme of the enhancement of the territory and cultural diversity in the Non and Sole Valleys, through the promotion of a culture of welcome and dialogue with migrants in the Alpine areas.

  • Alpine Pluralism Award Winner: I am refugee

    Imagine having to leave your home and embarking on a long journey that leads you into a new country. Instead of experiencing confusion, anger or fear you have a personal guide by your side that provides you with all necessary information for becoming a valuable member of this new society. Welcome to - the multilingual (German, English, Arabic, DariFarsi), user-central online integration guide to Austria.