Alpine Forests are Rock Stars !

Project results

The overall objective of the project RockTheAlps is to reinforce and strengthen in the Alpine Space the implementation of rockfall risk prevention strategy and policy support in line with a sustainable forest management approach. The project and its results are thus mainly positioned in the second step of the policy cycle (Explorative/piloting activities). The project’s results are contributing to the Alpine Space programme result indicator: Level of integration of the ecosystem services approach in the policy systems of the Alpine Space.

Three outcomes (operational, strategic, policy) based on the timing of results will be achieved by the end of the project duration:

  • Operational:  production and dissemination of 1) the first entire Alpine Space harmonized mapping of rockfall risk and protection forest, 2) protection forest management integrative approach.
  • Strategic: generating scenarios and their economic valuation for decision makers to improve territorial resilience facing with rockfall risk
  • Policy: production of the first Alpine Space harmonized statistics on protection forest ecosystems service, recommendations for developing forest based rockfall prevention policy.

The main results (toolboxes, models, maps, factual info…) of RockTheAlps will be available, based on the timing of the project, via the download section of this websiste and the ones of the project’s partners.