Digital Innovation to meet Alpine social & economic challenges

SMART-SPACE Project Meeting and Thematic Workshop 28. - 29. 9. 2017 Torino


In Thursday 28th September in Politecnico of Torino will held a SC and TC Meeting of SMART-SPACE Project

The main topics to be addressed are:
. SMART SPACE project activities and relationships
. Implementing actions to strengthen the ASŽ
. Innovation eco-system and promote the digital innovation of SMEs
. Project and Financial Management
. Elaborate the SMART SPACE strategy and set-up the strategic partnership to strengthen the Alpine Innovation eco-system for the SMEs’ digital innovation.

SMART-SPACE Thematic Workshop

In Friday 29th September in Politecnico of Torino will held a Thematic Workshop of SMART-SPACE Project.

The main topics to be addressed are:
. Presentation of the toolset for Policy makers
. Presentation of the toolset for Intermediary organization (and clusters)
. Presentation of the toolset for SMEs
. Proposal for the availability of the toolset to the users – the SMART-SPACE Platform
. Durability and follow-up of the toolset

Smart Space - Online Survey

The EU manufacturing sector, apart from financial services, is the second largest sector in terms of employees & turnover and the first contributor to non-financial business economy. Exports consist mainly of manufactured products. This sector plays an essential role in the innovation chain because is RD&I-intensive activity. Nowadays, lack of automation, synergies and obsolete management systems cause loss of competitiveness with respect to emerging markets. In order to meet the challenge of producing future products, meeting emerging social needs and megatrends also in the alpine space (AS), the contribution of digital technologies is crucial.

SMART-SPACE intends to identify an Alpine Space Smart Manufacturing model, able to combine social, economic and environmental sustainability with competitiveness and digital innovation of technologies.
The following Questionnaire is aiming to identify needs and the maturity level of companies in the Alpine Space. The topics in question are the current approach towards Industry 4.0, employee management and education, technological implementations, current operations as well as new services offered by Digital Technologies.
You can participate in a survey (till 31.5. 2017)  at the following link:  Smart Space - Online Survey

SMART-SPACE Project - SC and TC Meeting & Thematic Workshop - Mulhouse

In 13th june in Mulhouse will be held SC and TC Meeting of SMART-SPACE Project - Smart-Manufacturing for Alpine Space SMEs.

The mine focus will be on the following areas:
.       State of the Art of SMART SPACE Project
.       SMART SPACE project activities and relationships (WP1- short summary for the
        Steering Committee, Communication Activities – summary for the Steering
        Committee, Synergies with on-going projects: BIFOCALPS and S3-4AlpClusters), 
.       Project and Financial Management
.       SMART SPACE Project – WP2 presentation - Activities, Timing and next steps
.       SMART SPACE Project – WP3 and WP4 presentation  (WP3 – Presentation of the pilot actions and first inputs for the methodology, 
        WP4 – Presentation of the activities and discussion on the main topics)

In 14th june in Mulhouse will be held Thematic Workshop, with the main focus on following activities:

.       Activity A.t1.1 Digital Innovation 
.       Activity A.t1.2 Smart Technologies – SME’s 
.       Activity A.t1.3 Intermediaries to strengthen the digitisation of AS SME’s 
.       Activity A.t1.4 Digital Single Market and smart technologies (RV + AWS)
.       General conclusions, remarks and recommendation by WP leader and LP


The strategy will propose an Alpine Space model of cooperation addressed to the Innovation eco-system to foster SMEs digital innovation processes combining national and local disparities, barriers and existing expertises to strengthen the growth of the strategic industrial sectors.

It will contribute to the wider Alpine Space Programme strategy and the EUSALP macro-regional strategy.


7th Living Bits and Things 2017 

Living bits and things conference will be held in Bled (Slovenia) from 19th to 20th of June, 2017.

This conference brings an overview of most recent IoT developments and offers many opportunities to meet experts and share experiences as well as enables participants to have a thorough discussion  on IoT and challenges it brings with it.

Main focus of this years’ conference will be on three areas: Smart Healthcare and Wellbeing, Smart cities and Industry 4.0. In addition to the general discussion about IoT and technologies, we will also address challenges of the digital industry, economy and life – such as IoT ecosystems, platforms and business clusters in Industry 4.0, data protection, security and privacy, innovation through digital value chains.

This year the the 7th edition of the IoT event »Living bits and things 2017« will take place. Several companies and organizations as well as the best IoT experts from  the region (Austria, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Slovenia and others), deeply engaged with the Internet of Things will present their cases. Technology park Ljubljana Ltd. will participate to the event, where it will present its own practices in the frame of digitalization and IoT ecosystem development. This will be done especially by using Interreg Alpine Space, and Interreg Mediterranean projects as practical examples.

Join the conference and attend the workshops, sessions and round tables to discover the opportunities and challenges of IoT, digital economy and society. Share your expertise and learn from others how to learn fast, make better decisions and efficiently innovate into new digital organisation and industry!

More information about event can be found at: