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April - newsletter: SMART-SPACE Platform, a collaborative environment

 April - newsletter: SMART-SPACE Platform, a collaborative environment

The SMART-SPACE Project promotes an integrated IT platform for Alpine Space users, conceived as a one-stop-shop to enhance the cooperation of the Alpine Space manufacturing innovation ecosystem, strengthen and support SMEs in the Digital Innovation Processes in order to increase their competitiveness.

The objective of the SMART-SPACE platform is to establish a powerful and strategic innovation environment to gather and optimize local and European initiatives on topics of common interest, increasing their impact and effectiveness, and to provide stakeholders (SMEs, Intermediariesand Policy Makers) with a set of common instruments and tools not available at a local level, building transnational networks for Alpine Space growth and eco-innovation
The Platform will represent the entry point to a powerful interregional network of innovation stakeholders, that will benefit from a set of tools and services conceived to support Policy Makers, Intermediaries and SMEs in undertaking the digitization path and increase the competitiveness of the Alpine Space area, building up the so-called “Alpine Space Digital Hub”. You can fine the newsletter on the following link: Smart-space-april-newsletter

May - newsletter: The SMART-SPACE backbone

The first step to a successful project is to work on the needs and current level of knowledge of the target groups, in our case they are SME’s, intermediaries and policymakers. To do so, Smart Space has spent resources on spreading awareness about the implementation of technologies as well as identify and verify the needs of alpine SME’s, intermediaries and policymakers.

What actions have been taken?
Actions were spread in four fields and contained local events, surveys and back desk analysis. We specifically did cover generic Digital Innovation to meet alpine challenges, Smart Technologies to improve SME’s, knowledge of intermediaries and the Digital Single Market to support policymakers and innovation stakeholders.

What results have been discovered?
The currently main challenges faced to all actors in Alpine Space we identified and elaborated were the economic globalisation, demographic trends, a change of alpine climate, meeting energy demands, an up to date mobility and transport challenge as well as the continuing digital divide.
Though, the Alpine SME’s did create a sustainable impression. Our Survey covering companies of most relevant fields in production already had an idea about the content of technologies relevant to Industrie 4.0. Also, most of them are currently trying to find suitable partners to implement technologies or get further information if they are not already in place.

 You can fine the newsletter on the following link: Smart space may newsletter

June - newsletter: The roundtables for the policymakers in Italy

In the months of May and June, the three Italian regions participating to Sart Space – Piedmont, Lombardy and Veneto -  organized each a roundtable in order to analyze the regional situation and the opinions of the most relevant local stakeholders in order to support a real transformation towards the smart manufacturing.  These workshops were the first steps of a path addressed to create a common strategy in the Alpine Space to support the smart manufacturing. Some common points emerged like the need for a new cultural approach for better understanding the importance of the right technology for their company, the need to work together as a network/cluster.  Moreover, the possibility of a transregional collaboration was welcomed.
In the month of September and October, other meetings will be organized in order to compare the regional strategies and start in drafting a common roadmap for the next period.

 You can fine the newsletter on the following link: Smart space june newsletter

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