Alpine rivers as society's lifelines


  • Upcoming SPARE Project event: International Knowledge Exchange Workshop (IKEW)

    Active participation of local populations in decision making processes is very important. The close cooperation between public administration, civil society, and other stakeholders is not only needed, but it is essential.

  • Young Academics Award 2018 - Sustainable Water Management in the Alps

    This initiative is supported by the Austrian Presidency of the Alpine Convention, the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention and by the Infopoints of the Alpine Convention Domodossola (Italy), Grand Paradis (Italy), Morbegno (Italy) and Tolmin (Slovenia). The initiative is in collaboration with ISCAR. 

  • Interview with Patrizia Dazio from the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), and Hugo Aschwanden as former Head of Rehabilitation and Waters Management Section at the FOEN

    IEM (Integrales Einzugsgebietsmanagement / Integrative river basin management) – a fundamental planning tool for the rivers of Switzerland.

  • Progress update from SPARE pilot case studies

    What's happening in the pilot areas Dora Baltea, Drôme, Inn-Engadin, Soča and Steyr?