Alpine rivers as society's lifelines


  • Call for papers: Adaptation to Climate Change and Sustainable Development in Mountains

    Mountains and mountain communities are critically affected by climate change. Mountain Research and Development (MRD) is looking for papers that assess novel adaptation practices and present well-researched insights into implications of climate change relevant to adaptation. 

  • SPARE fourth Project Partner Meeting, Zernez, Switzerland

    The three-day meeting took place from October 3rd to 5th and consisted of sessions dedicated to each work package (WP), in which specific updates and activities related to the past months were discussed, as well as upcoming activities and next steps. In between the sessions we had the opportunity to discover the Inn - Engadin Pilot Case Study (PCS) on dedicated field trips in the region.

  • International Knowledge Exchange Workshop (IKEW) - “Toward Integrated River Ecosystem Management with enhanced public participation”

    The workshop, which took place on September 27th, 2017 in Ljubljana tackled the challenges of public participation with examples of good practices from abroad. The International Knowledge Exchange Workshop (IKEW) was organised within the EU project SPARE (Strategic Planning for Alpine Riverine Ecosystems – Integrating protection and development) by the Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia.

  • “Flussdialog Inn” event

    Discussing the future of the Inn. 13th-14th September, 2017, Innsbruck

  • Upcoming SPARE Project event: International Knowledge Exchange Workshop (IKEW)

    Active participation of local populations in decision making processes is very important. The close cooperation between public administration, civil society, and other stakeholders is not only needed, but it is essential.