This is a first operational version of the Charter for OurAlps, the International Network of Mountain-oriented Education in the Alps and it is conceived to be expanded throughout the duration of the YOUrALPS project.

The aims of this document are:

- to define the values shared within the network

- to clarify the aims of the network and its operating procedures

- to be a reference tool for the actors of the network

The Charter is divided in four parts. After outlining the General Context of Mountain-oriented Education (MoE) in the Alps, the Charter describes what the network OurAlps is, who are the actors and subjects involved and what are the objectives it is meant to achieve. The documents also gives some information about the operational organisation of the network and its relations with other actors, subjects and bodies within each country of the Alps and on the international level. The last part of the Charter will be completed during 2019 with strategic perspectives of how the network will evolve in 2020-2025.