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About the programme

Find the important infos, provided as download.


Cooperation programme 2021 - 2027

The main document, where you can find information about objectives and priorities.

Programme flyer 2021 - 2027

The flyer gives a short overview about what we do.

Interreg Alpine Space programme

For a summary of what the Interreg Alpine Space programme 2021-2027 will be about, please read the short version of the IP

#MadewithAlpineSpace Brochure

Discover the ten reasons for transnational cooperation in the Alps

About the projects

Find the important infos, provided as download.


Alpine cooperation stories

A brochure about our cooperation with EUSALP. You can find information how our projects are supporting their strategy.

Programme evaluations

Find the results of our regular evaluations.

Annual implementation report

For every year, the Interreg Alpine Space programme reports its physical and financial progress to the European Commission. The ‘Citizen summary’ is a short and reader-friendly version that sums up the report for interested European citizens.

Programme evaluations

To secure the programme’s effectiveness, efficiency and impact there is an evaluation strategy. The evaluation plan sets out the framework for the evaluations and their proper planning and implementation.

Final report 2019

Programme Impact Assessment Interreg Alpine Space programme 2014-2020

Strategic environmental assessment (SEA)

Find out more about the potential environmental impact of our programme.