Tue18 September 2018 - Tue 18 September 2018
Dornbirn, Austria
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BIFOCAlps Final Conference

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

we are happy to announce and invite you to the BIFOCAlps final conference. This event will be hosted at the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (Dornbirn, Austria) and will be organized on the 18th of September 2018.

BIFOCAlps is a project cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Alpine Space programme and actively contributes to the European Commissions’ “Factory of the Future” initiative.

BIFOCAlps project is tackling a common challenge to many Alpine Space regions: due to globalization, many enterprises in Manufacturing Sector are not as competitive as wished in global markets, resulting in increased levels of unemployment, abandoned facilities and remaining plants that need new products and new processes. On the other hand, AS has a strong R&D sector and specialization on Industry 4.0 and Factory of the Future technologies. BIFOCAlps main objective is to boost collaboration and synergies among main actors of the Alpine region innovation system for a sustainable, smart and competitive development of the value chain of the Manufacturing Sector towards the Factory of the Future.

In this final conference, BIFOCAlps partners will present the BIFOCAlps project and achieved project results to foster innovation in Factory of the Future value chains. It is about the general research question "how to cope and withstand emerging technologies and trends and to evolve to a Factory of the Future". (Registration full conference) In the afternoon, three dedicated demonstration get performed.

Demonstration 1: Boosting Innovation in a Factory of the Future (incl. excursion to FHV's Factory of the Future)
Digitizing factories is a rather complex task, which extends through many different fields of expertise within and across the borders of an enterprise. To facilitate research in digital manufacturing and aid in the training of future specialists and decision makers, a research and teaching factory is currently being established at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences. In this session, we will present the concept of the “Digital Factory Vorarlberg”, its benefits for students and local companies, first use cases and cooperation projects and discuss modern paradigms like Cloud Manufacturing or the use of VR and AR technology. The session will be concluded by a short walk through the manufacturing labs and is best suited for attendants who are interested in the role of digital demonstrators and like to discuss modern manufacturing paradigms. Registration for demonstration 1

Demonstration 2: Process and Service Design to boost innovation in a Factory of the Future
Designing industry-ready processes and services - which can be deployed across company and country borders - is a key challenge in current European manufacturing / business ecosystems. In this session we will have a look at the ICT and organisational solutions to promote borderless company cooperation, smart production, and Industry 4.0. Additionally, we will have a look at an exemplary demonstrator for the Lake Constance region (Austria, Germany, Switzerland), where we have built an inter-connected, distributed production for an RF-controlled toy car. The demonstrator is the basis for experimentation in cooperation with regional SMEs. This session is suited best for attendants who want to discuss the role of digital ecosystems and smart design for processes and services. Registration for demonstration 2

Demonstration 3: Data Science as trigger to boost innovation in a Factory of the Future
The generation of added value from data is becoming an essential driver for the design, development and operation of products / services as they become smart and users continuously interact with manufacturers. R&D in Data Science – including artificial intelligence and Big Data – can be a hurdle for SMEs due to the lack of financial or personnel resources. Therefore, this session deals with easy-to-use Data Science instruments for SMEs - for direct use in manufacturing, services and other associated business processes. This session is suited best for attendants who are interested in managerial, organisational, and technological benefits as well as challenges of Data Science. Registration for demonstration 3


Key information:

Date:           18th Sept 2018
Location:     Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences
                     (Hochschulstraße 1, 6850 Dornbirn (Austria))
Room:         W211/W212
Topic:          Boosting innovation in Factory of the Future Value Chain
Agenda:      Agenda

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