Mon27 April 2015
Brussels, Belgium

GROW your REGIOn conference


The new generation of European programmes such as ERDF, COSME and Horizon 2020 provide fresh opportunities for regional policy makers and the business community to collaborate to help drive growth in their region by applying innovative ways of 'doing business together' that can transform the economy.

The GROW your REGIOn conference is an invitation to everyone interested in smart specialisation and clusters to come together to

  • share your experience and cluster practices in the regions;
  • learn about novel ways of implementing smart specialisation;
  • explore new cluster partnerships for joint activities.

You can expect to meet and interact with representatives of national and regional administrations acting as managing authorities for the ERDF and INTERREG secretariats as well as those responsible for national and regional cluster policies and initiatives, including cluster managers and cluster members, in particular business representatives.

Please register online by 17 April 2015. Only those who receive an official confirmation of their registration will be able to participate.

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