Alpine Space projects in Brussels!
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Issue 14: October 2017
Low Carbon

Last week, the activities and results of eight Alpine Space projects made it to Brussels!

The projects were presented at the European Week of Regions and Cities (EWRC), the annual four-day event during which cities and regions showcase their capacity to create growth and jobs, implement European Union cohesion policy, and contribute to good European governance.

On the topic of Low-carbon Alpine Space, the SEAP_Alps project was awarded as RegioStars finalist, and the projects THE4BEES, CESBA_Alps and PEACE_Alps were presented both at the workshop on the role of EUSALP* in the future and at a side event organised by the THE4BEES team (read more below). Also Care4tech – aiming to generate a coordinated approach to smart living technology development in the Alps – and GreenCycle – aiming to introduce the system of circular economy as a holistic approach to support implementation of low-carbon strategies – contributed to the week's workshops.

The effort paid off… The city of Maribor, lead partner of the Alpine Space project Greencycle, was among the winners of the Urban innovative Action second call for project proposals and PEACE_Alps and THE4BEES project lead partners got closer to EUSALP* and learnt how to better shape their project outputs to the Alpine and EU policy framework. In addition, the introduction from CESBA_Alps partner at the workshop “Interreg talk: How projects can impact on the EU” got noticed by Jean-Marc Venineaux from the European Commission, DG for Regional Policy who said: “As the CESBA network shows, by setting up criteria used to assess the sustainability of buildings at EU level, Interreg projects should not underestimate their capacity to influence policies. In DG Regio, we are willing to learn more about these bottom-up initiatives, which help improving the quality of life in our regions and cities.”


So, let’s keep up the good work and spreading the word!


The JS team


*EU strategy for the Alpine Region

SEAP_Alps star for a night at RegioStars Awards 2017

It was a brilliant night, that of the RegioStars Awards Ceremony! On 10 October, in the unique setting of the SQUARE Conference Centre in Brussels, Alpine Space project SEAP_Alps was in the limelight together with other 23 finalists competing for the title of "Europe’s most inspiring and innovative regional project".


The 2017 edition of the European Commission's yearly competition saw an incredibly high amount of shares and votes cast for the Public Choice Award! We wish to thank all voters for the support demonstrated to SEAP_Alps up to the ceremony: the project got more than 700 votes!


From an overall perspective, all project finalists represented great regional achievements and will definitely serve as a source of inspiration for current and future Alpine Space projects!




From left: Karl-Heinz Lambertz (President of the Committee of the Regions), Corina Cretu (European Commissioner for Regional Policy), Silvio De Nigris (SEAP_Alps project manager), Julia Chenut and Christian Salletmaier (joint secretariat and managing authority of the Alpine Space programme) and Lambert van Nistelrooij (Member of the European Parliament). 

Projects side event: Regions as change agents for sustainable energy - bottom-up and shared approach to policy-making

On 12 October, the very last day of the EUWRC, it was the turn of Piemonte Region's side event organised by Alpine Space project THE4BEES, to lead the participants through an informal exchange on regions as change agents for sustainable energy.


The exchange put the spotlight on three Alpine Space projects that tackle the issue of energy sustainability on three different levels:


+ PEACE _Alps whose focus is on the implementation of sustainable energy action plans;

+ CESBA  Alps which develops tools to assess the level of sustainability in territories (communities, regions...) through a set of performance indicators;

+ THE4BEES which focuses on the "human level" thereby raising the awareness of target groups and suggesting ways to improve low carbon and spatial development policies.


The teamwork “policy making exercise” was one of the moments most appreciated by both participants and organisers, as it was on the one hand an excellent occasion for the participants to know more about each project and on the other a way for all project partners to analyse their projects' strengths and weaknesses from a whole different perspective. Lisa Cosmi, organiser, from the lead partner institution of the THE4BEES project, said that the exchanges in the working groups offered unexpected suggestions and insightful contributions regarding the possible policy impact of the projects' outputs


After the end of the event, the partners went home with new insight:

"We realised that the importance of territorial coordinators in the local implementation of energy policies seems to be one key message to be further emphasized" (PEACE_Alps). 

As regards CESBA Alps, the importance of the "social" element was particularly stressed, most of all the involvement of local people whose action is essential for the implementation of strategies at a local level.




Partners from the CESBA Alps, PEACE_Alps and THE4BEES projects.

What's up EUSALP? EUSALP workshop at the EWRC

The morning after the RegioStars Awards Ceremony started with a whole new spirit with the lively debate on the EUSALP strategy, articulated in two main parts: the first one discussed the role of EUSALP regions and cities as change agents for the future, whereas the second one focused on the strategy's achievements up to now which may improve the quality of citizens' lives.


Throughout the debate many were the contributions of distinguished panelists and representatives of regions that served as food for thought on the role of EUSALP in the future. Land Salzburg parliament president Brigitta Pallauf stated: "Our Land Salzburg brings its 17 year's rich experience as managing authority of the Alpine Space programme to EUSALP".


In addition, two Alpine Space projects got credit from the speakers for representing substantial contributions to the EUSALP strategy: one was SMART-SPACE (which strengthens the cooperation within the system of innovation to promote smart digital solutions to traditional industrial sectors) while the other was INTESI (which aims to assure the delivery of services of general interest in the long run via integrated territorial strategies and policies).


On behalf of Piedmont Region, Silvio de Nigris beared testimony of how the region is in the front line contributing to make the Alpine territory a model region for energy efficiency. Also in this occasion three Alpine Space projects that are working in this direction were mentioned: CESBA Alps, THE4BEES and PEACE_Alps (cf. article above).

Third call for project proposals: step 2 starting!

The date of the lead applicant seminar is getting closer! On 24 and 25 October the lead applicants of the 32 project proposals selected to proceed to the 2nd step of call 3 will be in Munich to get trained on the application document from the joint secretariat and managing authority teams as well as the alpine space contact points.

The list of all the project proposals invited for step 2 is available here.  

The programme wishes to thank once again all applicants for the interest expressed and the efforts in developing their proposal.

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