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A bright future ahead
April - May 2021
Low Carbon

While it has been a long winter, summer is finally arriving in the Alps. In this last newsletter issue before the summer season, we would not miss the occasion to give you some news of our latest projects, but also of the future of the programme!


In the upcoming weeks, our promotion campaign of the Alpine Space projects 2014-2020 is reaching its climax, with the publication of 4 short videos illustrating how our projects made the Alps a better place. Watch now the first episode about the 22 innovation projects (video here)! In this newsletter, you will also read about four projects, SMARTVillages, LinkingAlps, ADO and Healps2 that helped Alpine dreams become concrete reality.


What about the future of the programme? While the preparation work by the Task Force is still ongoing, we know you are as much looking forward to the new Alpine Space 2021-2027 as we are! This was proven by the success of our three online events Connect @lpine Space 2021+, in which we discussed with you three essential topics of the future programme. Learn more below!


The new period is becoming real for us programme staff too. Indeed, the offices of the Joint Secretariat are moving to a new and even more Alpine location... Read below to find out where we will continue to contribute to Alpine cooperation! 


Connect @lpine Space 2021+

With more than 350 participants, the Connect @lpine Space 2021+ events succesfully reached their objectives: foster networking and inform about the Alpine Space 2021-2027. Inspiring keynotes speeches and lively panel discussions preceeded highly innovative and idea-rich networking sessions. We are very optimistic that some of the first exchanges will end up in innovative and inspiring projects for the Alpine area.


Did you miss the events or are you interested in knowing what was discussed in the breakout groups? Check the event summaries or watch the events recordings here: https://www.alpine-space.eu/connect2021!

What’s up? Latest news on the programme’s activities

Fingers crossed for the Regiostars Awards


Four Interreg Alpine Space projects applied for this year’s edition of the Regiostars Awards:

- AlpBioEco applied in category Urban Europe whose focus this year is on circular food chains. A perfect fit for this project that created new business models by using leftovers from apples, walnuts and hays.

- AlpInnoCT and Linking Alps are both running in the “Topic of the Year” category, the year of rail. While AlpInnoCT improved freight rail transport, LinkingAlps enables passengers to travel all around the Alps thanks to an innovative data sharing system between six countries!

- ATLAS runs in the category “Green Europe”, with its method enabling to reduce energy consumption or raw material imports in renovating buildings in the Alps.

More news will come in September with the nomination of this year’s finalists! Learn more about the projects in competition at https://regiostarsawards.eu/


Publication of the citizen summary 2020


Every year, we publish a short overview of what the Interreg Alpine Space programme has done in the past year. While 2020 was by no means ordinary, European cooperation is more than ever needed! Check out the citizen summary 2020 to find out more about how we celebrated the 30 years of Interreg, key achievements of projects or how the preparation of the new programme is progressing. Have a read here!


Adapted digital tools as a solution for Alpine villages


Living and working in rural Alpine areas can be hard, when few services are available and social innovation and entrepreneurship find many obstacles. While digitalisation can be a promising approach to improve services for remote areas, it doesn’t generate development in and of itself. The SmartVillages project explores the synergies between this approach and bottom-up participation, by researching both co-creation techniques and digital tools, adapting them to best suit mountain villages and testing a toolbox for digitally facilitated co-creation in 6 pilot areas.



Travelling all around the Alps with a single app


One of the major difficulties when planning a journey across borders is finding the transport options available in each country and region. To tackle this issue, LinkingAlps creates an Alp-wide standardized travel information exchange service by which it is possible to compile the information provided by the individual information systems into a continuous travel chain. This way, people can access all travel information through their usual transport information portal. By easing the information search, LinkingAlps encourages the shift from individual cars towards low carbon mobility options like public and on-demand transport.



Alpine cooperation to face droughts


As water scarcity becomes worrying in the Alps and in the lowland areas that receive their water, it becomes increasingly urgent that the Alpine countries define common strategies to act on this issue. To contribute to this process, ADO sets up a drought observatory based on a combination of meteorological information and hydrological indices and data, including, for instance, figures on snow cover and soil moisture. This will help Alpine local and regional governments improve the efficiency of their drought management and their ability to face related risks.



Developping health tourism in the Alps


The many health benefits of the Alpine natural environment are well known. In the last few years, and even more so after the COVID-19 outbreak, the trend for health, nature and regionality has gained momentum in the tourism sector. HEALPS2 provides tools, strategies and actions to tap into the health tourism market. The project develops a digital tool for strategic assessment, an Alpine health tourism innovation model, training tools and an action plan including comprehensive innovation strategies. 

News on the future: programming 2021-2027

The programme preparation is ongoing and steadily advancing. The European Commission is expected to publish the 2021-2027 Interreg Regulation by the end of June, after final talks between the Council and the European Parliament. The programme is in the last mile of the preparation of its IP (Interreg programme), which should be submitted to the Commission in the next months.


This timeline would enable the programme to launch the first call for projects in November! Until then, all stakeholders and  potential beneficiaries will be timely informed on how the programme will be working and what kind of projects will be financed. Stay tuned for the national Info Days, which should take place starting from this summer!

New period, new location, new start!

The Interreg Alpine Space Joint Secretariat will move from Munich to Salzburg over summer! Even if the location changes, the JS’s spirit will remain the same: helping our projects managers and applicants the best we can, support the programme bodies in their tasks and promote cooperation opportunities and achievements. The new location will also enable an ever-closer cooperation with the Managing Authority, which is already in Salzburg.


Actual information on contacts at the JS/MA and our availability etc… will be available at https://www.alpine-space.eu/contacts_landing_page


We are looking forward to welcome you in Salzburg at the occasion of the kick-off conference of the Interreg Alpine Space programme, which will happen on 22-23 November 2021 in Salzburg - and online!

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