Tue 27 March 2018
CCIS Headquarters, Slovenia
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Reunion of golden innovation award recipients 2016 and 2017

Ljubljana, March 27, 2018 - 10 winners of the Golden National Innovation Awards met at a meeting on their innovations' further development and discussed the "Design Thinking" innovation method.

There is no idea without dreaming. I order to facilitate the achievement of goals sharing of know-how, experience and good practices and spreading both personal and entrepreneurial networks is of utmost importance for further personal and business development, stressed CCIS General Director Sonja Šmuc.

The participants of the event spoke about their good practices for the further development of innovations. They emphasized the importance of developing innovations in cooperation with customers, suppliers and consumers.

They also got acquainted with the Design Thinking concept of innovation based on logic, imagination, intuition, systematic thinking and, above all, empathy. The purpose is to explore various potential options - and to create desired results that meet the needs and wishes of the end user (buyer). The greatest emphasis is on a systematic approach to getting to know people, their behavior and needs to recognize and understand what is missing, and take advantage of new opportunities to fulfill their - often even unspoken - needs and desires.

The DT process can combine technological and non-technological elements with the launch of a new wave of business innovation - through collaboration, a new decision-making process and the creation of a more sustainable value added. It is extremely effective in solving complex problems especially at the beginning of development when it is necessary to determine the real problem that needs to be addressed.

Participants tested part of the method within a short workshop. Mixed groups of winners upgraded randomly selected "golden innovations" with the "two pictures" method into exciting new products.

The meeting ended with new ideas that might be pleasing in the future to satisfy both customers and producers.