Wed 20 June 2018
Stuttgart, Germany
  • DE

BIFOCAlps workshop "Simulating, Testing, Modeling – using a digital twin in manufacturing industries"

To be aware of benefits, advantages but also risks of digitalization, forecasting of different scenarios gets more important for companies. This workshop will be chaired by BIFOCAlps project which is an Interreg Alpine Space program European project with a strong focus on improving the innovation system for manufacturing industries. Testing, simulating and modeling the effects of digitalization activities is one of the hot topics companies are dealing with. In this workshop we will show and discuss different approaches of the “digital twin” in manufacturing industries.

With this workshop the BIFOCAlps project want to address manufacturing companies, innovation managers, researchers and developers and scientists who deal with the topics modeling, simulating and testing. But also policy makers who are interested to discuss the effects of a digital twin regarding education and data security.

Date: 20th June 2018
Time: 15:00 - 15:45h
Venue: ICE/IEEE Conference @ Hospitalhof Stuttgart
Room: Frankfurt

5 min Project introduction – Lisa Hornberger, project leader of BIFOCAlps at bwcon GmbH
25 min Keynote – Matthias Stach, CEO ASCon systems GmbH
15 min Expert interview – Matthias Stach, CEO ASCon systems GmbH and Dr. Jürgen Jähnert, CEO bwcon GmbH

Chair:  Jürgen Jähnert
Title: Dr., CIO
Institute: bwcon GmbH

Co-Chair:  Jens Schumacher
Title: Prof. (FH) Dr-Ing.
Institute: University of Applied Science Vorarlberg