Mon 28 May 2018
Montpellier, France
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Research meeting "Food cultural heritage and terroir valorisation"

On May 28th AlpFoodway has been invited to present its research activities at the "Food cultural heritage and terroir" research day organised by the MOISA multidisciplinary research group of the University of Montpellier.

Participating researchers will get a chance to meet Prof. Rinallo from Kedge Business School and learn about the first results of AlpFoodway research about the collective marketing of heritage food.

Some of the questions AlpFoodway researchers tried to answer are: How useful are PDO's and other certifications and to whom? When different production systems coexist, what kind of messages does each of them resort to? Which kind of production is more resonant with consumers'quest for authenticity? What product do they actually buy? How can commercial valorisation of Alpine heritage food become more effective?

Programme (en Francais)

14h00-15h00 :  Diego Rinallo (Kedge Business School)

Présentation : « Préservation et valorisation du patrimoine culturel alimentaire alpin : un travail ethnographique multi-site (projet AlpFoodWay) »

15h00-15h20 :       Fatiha Fort (Montpellier SupAgro – MOISA)

Discussion : «  Evolution de l'appropriation des terroirs par le marché »

15h20-15h50 :       Discussion

15h50-16h25 :       Laurie Balbo (Montpellier Business School – MRM), Andrea Gourmelen et Steffie Gallin (Université de Montpellier – MRM)

Présentation : « Les conséquences (futures) de l'alimentation : inventaire, importance et typologie qualitative auprès de consommateurs français »

16h25-17h00 :       Margot Dyen et Lucie Sirieix (Montpellier SupAgro – MOISA)

Présentation : « How to foster the implementation of a public campaign for food waste reduction? A practice-base study »