Wed 20 March 2019
- Thu 21 March 2019
Munich, Germany
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Global Food Summit 2019 "Foodtropolis - Will cities shape our perception of food and nature?" in Munich, Germany

Milk without cows, egg white without chicken, meat without cattle and vegetables without arable land – the agriculture of the future will not happen in stables or fields but in urban food laboratories right in the heart of our cities. Powered by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the global metropolises have become the crucial turbine rooms of the knowledge-based society and therefore our knowledge-based economy. Cities attract young, highly specialised professionals as well as investors. Will the future food production follow this trend and move its focus from the countryside to cities?

Natural, rural resources seem to count less and less, while knowledge-based urban occupations for highly specialised professionals attract the young generations. Terms tightly connected to agriculture and nature in the past – like soil quality, light, water, fertilizer or sustainability – experience entirely new dimensions because of urban farming and urban livestock keeping. What sounds like science fiction is already a reality today, even in Germany. Prawns bred in saltwater tanks in Munich, insect burgers from Osnabrück or tomato-fish from aquaponic systems in Berlin are some examples. How will these changes influence our ideas of traditional rural job profiles, of nature, of food overall?

AlpBioEco´s abstract for this event you can download at the end of this page as well as the detailed programme for the Global Food Summit 2019 or go to the official website.

Date:  20. & 21. March 2019 
Time: 3:30 pm on 20. March 2019
          9:00 am on 21. March 2019 

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