Wed 03 July 2019
Sigmaringen, Germany
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Workshop "Bioeconomy local" - Creation of new, local value chains based on renewable raw materials, Sigmaringen, Germany


On Wednesday, 03 July 2019, the event "Bioeconomy local - creation of new, local value chains based on renewable raw materials" will take place at the Innovation and Technology Centre Sigmaringen. Gloria Kraus as head of the project AlpBioEco in cooperation with Nikolai Jacobi of the ICLEI European Secretariat with the project Biovoices invite to this interactive workshop.

What's it all about?

On 03 July 2019 the "Local Bioeconomics Workshop" organised by the ICLEI European Secretariat (partner in the Horizon 2020 project BIOVOICES) and the City of Sigmaringen will take place at the Innovation and Technology Center Sigmaringen (Innocamp Sigmaringen). The aim of the event is to discuss multi-perspective solutions, (project) ideas and policy recommendations on current challenges for the bioeconomy in Germany and Europe.

In particular, the workshop will enable an exchange of good practice on the creation of new value chains, including through green and innovative public procurement initiatives. In addition, essential elements of a changed regulatory framework for the promotion of such value chains from raw material production/procurement through certification to sales will be identified.
The workshop will focus on the following questions: What solutions are needed to increase the proportion of biobased and circular products in Germany and Europe? Which products and product properties do consumers want? Which innovations can be developed and which research and communication strategies are appropriate? What role do local value chains and local markets play? And what framework conditions do the federal government need to strengthen?
Where and When?
Date: 03 July 2019
Time: 12:30 - 18 o'clock
Hosts: City of Sigmaringen, BIOVOICES 
Further information on the free event and the possibility of registration can be found on the BIOVOICES website here.
For more backround information watch the Youtube video by the BIOVOICES project: