Thu 04 July 2019
Straubing, Germany
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Development of a digital commodity exchange for sustainable raw materials: User view - research - practice

On 04 July 2019 the AlpBioEco project partner KErn organized a public event where the project "Development of a digital commodity exchange for sustainable raw materials" was presented. 
Whats it all about?
A digital commodity exchange offers a new approach to sustainable commodity management. Producers and manufacturers, including medium-sized companies, have the opportunity to participate in platform-supported trading - with predictable commodity values at the same time.
In 2010, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research launched the "National Research Strategy Bioeconomy 2030". Its goal is the complete use of renewable raw materials from agricultural and forestry production. What is needed is a move away from limited fossil raw materials and towards a genuine recycling economy. More and more industries are now consciously choosing renewable raw materials for their basic products.
Although there are numerous projects that promote renewable raw materials, there is a lack of an efficient link that transparently brings together supply and demand for the broad spectrum of these raw materials. Manufacturers of biobased products and start-ups can benefit from this. Agricultural producers find buyers for previously unused resources and can generate additional sources of income from them.
The project "Development of a digital commodity exchange for sustainable raw materials" aims to bring together actors of the bio-based economy via a digital economic platform. Raw materials from agriculture - with the various intermediate products from different sales stages as well as cascade products, e.g. from food processing - can be made visible and available.
Renewable raw materials are already present in many everyday products, such as detergents, lubricants, adhesives, insulating materials and cosmetics. Old and regionally cultivated varieties are used in the production of food: Sweet lupins as a substitute for animal protein, better tolerated cereals in the pasta and bakery industry. This new form of raw materials exchange promotes the formation of value creation networks and raises awareness of the value and diverse uses of sustainable raw and residual materials.
The development and establishment of these networks serve to conserve resources, minimise food waste and avoid waste. The keyword is sustainable raw material management with the aim of making renewable raw and residual materials from agriculture and forestry available for further use. The digital raw materials exchange thus makes an important contribution to departmental research and the Bavarian bio-economy strategy.
Together with IT experts from KErn's cooperation partner fortiss gGmbH - the research institute of the Free State of Bavaria for software-intensive systems and services - is developing an efficient digital trading platform for players from industry, food, agriculture and forestry. By means of so-called matching algorithms and algorithms for the efficient distribution of economic goods, automatic price formation takes place in "real time". On the basis of intelligent and valid prediction algorithms, purchase and sales forecasts are possible. 
The technical design offers users a model of the "real-time economy" for the operational realization of raw material management, both for day-to-day operations and for long-term planning. The application of new digital applications can also be integrated.
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