Mon 30 September 2019
Zurich, Switzerland
  • CH

Workshop on Cluster Mapping (T1)

Today in Zurich the Partners met for an intense and focused midterm workshop on the common findings on the six predefined Value Chains (i.e. Bio-based Packaging; Manufacturing of Bio-polymers; Eco-Contructions; Furniture; Bio-based Chemicals; Food production) that are based on bio-resources.

Lead by the responsible partner - Poly4EmI - and hosted by the Lead Partner, the joint discussion highlighted the state of the art on the gathered information.

And set the next steps for the preparation and delivery of the Regional Cluster Mapping Reports and the relevant Synthesis Report on the exiting actors, current and potential linkages, as well as gaps and constraints to be overcome in order to pave the way to fully succeeding in enacting biobased Value Chains.