Tue 03 November 2020
Avignon, France
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AlpBioEco Lego® serious play® workshop: business model walnut flips

In the final phase of the AlpBioEco project, all the before developed information and project results will be transferred into implementation and policy guidelines. These guidelines will promote the implementation of different eco-innovative business models in selected regions, but also allow the transfer of the outcomes of the project to other projects and regions in the Alpine Space.

There is a vast untapped potential in many organisations, as the employees usually have resources and imaginations to resolve the most challenging issues, but no time or no chance to use their knowledge and their creativity. Within the EU-project AlpBioEco, we include experts and stakeholders to improve the project and the business models which were developed within the project. For this reason, we set up “Regional Advisory Boards” with local experts in selected regions for various business models. They already had a first online meeting, and in the next step we aim to get the most out of everyone – in terms of insights, creativity, confidence and commitment – by using a creative design thinking tool called Lego® serious play®.

The AlpBioEco Lego® serious play® workshop on the business model walnut flips takes place on 3 November.

Lego® serious play® workshops are agile approaches to solve challenges by using people’s collective insights and by addressing the challenges dynamically. For improving the AlpBioEco project, every member of the “Regional Advisory Board is going to build” – as the name implies from lego bricks – the current situation and status quo of the business model from his own point of view. Thereby, a 360°C all-round view of the status quo of the region will be formed by experts from various areas and sectors (politics, economy, regional development, agriculture, food production and supply, advocacy) in a creative way.

The results of the workshops will contribute to the final “Regional Implementation Guidelines” set up by AlpBioEco.

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