AlpFoodWay project was presented at the conference “Agricultural and landscape development in a logic of environmental projects” organized by tsmstep, Landscape and Environment School of government, in Trento (Italy), on Friday 9th June.

The goals of AlpFoodWay are to create a sustainable development model for peripheral mountain areas based on the preservation and valorisation of the Alpine Space cultural food heritage and on innovative governance, knowledge transfer and marketing tools. It is also going to foster the emergence of a transnational alpine identity based on the common cultural values expressed in food heritage.

During the meeting, the future of mountain areas was discussed: the importance of the valorisation of landscape through agricultural and forestry activities was considered an essential element of the development model.

The following speakers took part in the conference: Carlo Daldoss, the assessor for territorial cohesion of the Autonomous Province of Trento; Andrea Sisti, the chairman of the National Board of Agronomists and Forestry Doctorate (CONAF); Bruno Zanon, the chairman of the Scientific Committee of tsmstep; and Giorgio Tecilla, the Head of Landscape Observatory of the Autonomous Province of Trento, which is a project observer of AlpFoodWay.

“The theme of landscape – explained the assessor Carlo Daldoss – should be covered in a systemic way, not with a sectorial approach. It is important to understand the reasons why mountain areas have been abandoned due to economic progress. The recovery of abandoned agricultural areas has become part of our agendas over the last decades due to the fact that it would be strategic for the future of Trentino in a logic of environmental projects”.