We are proud to announce that Vorarlberg University of Vorarlberg (FHV), namely Mr. Martin Dobler, participated at the well-known 22nd International Symposium on Logistics held in Ljubljana (09-12 July 2017) and represented the BIFOCAlps project consortium. Mr. Dobler presented a scholarly article titled: "ON THE INTEGRATION OF INTELLIGENT LOGISTICS ECOSYSTEMS IN PRODUCTION AND INDUSTRY 4.0 SETTINGS".

Abstract: In this paper, we describe trends in supply chain management as well as production and lay out what emerging technologies are enabling these fields. In the upcoming years, the challenge for the sectors will be the combination of cyber-physical systems both from the machinery of the production line as well as the supply chain. The way to achieve this goal is the integration of data and local intelligence using smart local devices with decentralised decision making, whereas advanced IoT technologies are a key enabler. This paper gives an introduction into emerging technologies, shows how organisation borders can be crossed, and finally describes how to use Industry 4.0 approaches in logistics service ecosystems.