An Entrepreneurial Discovery Workshop (EDW) was organized in Fribourg on July 13 by the School of Engineering and Architecture (HEIA-FR, Lead Partner S3-4AlpClusters) in collaboration with the cantonal Ministry of Economic Affairs. The workshop focused on the potential of the canton of Fribourg to specialize in the field of bio-economy. The workshop was moderated by Prof. Dr. Dominique Foray (EPFL), Jacques Bersier (HEIA-FR) and Michael Keller (HEIA-FR) and brought together local firms (Nespresso, Micarna, Cremo), clusters (Swiss Plastics Cluster, Cluster Food & Nutrition, Cluster Energie & Bâtiment), representatives from the regional research and innovation system (Innosquare, Plastics Innovation Competence Center, Adolphe Merkle Institute) and cantonal authorities (Ministry of Economic Affairs, Development Agency, Department of Agriculture, Department of Energy, Department of Forestry, Institut Agricole Grangeneuve). In the presence of the cantonal Minister of Economic Affairs, Olivier Curty, and the Director of the cantonal Development Agency, Dr. Jean-Luc Mossier, a report on the “Status of Cluster Development with Focus on Bioeconomy” was presented by its author, Prof. Dr. Philippe Gugler (Center for Competitiveness, University of Fribourg).  The participants then discussed opportunities and challenges for new value chains and transformative activities to be developed in the field of bio-economy based on the existing capacities and resources in the canton of Fribourg.

Further information about the workshop is available in French: download.

Jacques P. Bersier, HEIA-FR, S3-4AlpClusters Lead Partner,

Michael Keller, HEIA-FR, S3-4AlpClusters Lead Partner,